With our managed telepresence solution, we do our job so you can do yours without the hassles and interruptions of service that are commonplace with some other videoconferencing systems. As a full-service videoconferencing service and solutions provider, we use the latest and most advanced management software, tools and equipment to monitor and maintain your telepresence systems. With our in-house Network Operations Center(NOC) we have the tools to make HD videoconferencing effortless.

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What it does: Protect your business from unauthorized access and optimize security operations. Raise issues of safety awareness to help support business continuity. Converge technology, people and processes as well as implement key policies, rules and controls.

What it does for you: Enjoy greater peace of mind with more secure business interactions that protect your business investments. ESC ensures business continuation and helps you anticipate unforeseen problems and mitigate risk.

What it does: Experienced engineering/design services that create scalable and reliable core IT environments that complement your capabilities. Strategies to maintain continuous operations and communication solutions across a distributed enterprise. Managed service and data storage solutions and enterprise data center optimization.

What it does for you: Reduce your total cost of ownership and help gain a competitive edge by improving your overall business performance. CIT’s enhanced communication solutions ensure seamless, risk-free modernization of critical infrastructure and applications.

What it does: Structured, professional multi-level support and 24x7 customer service center installations driven by best-of-breed support solutions. Comprehensive maintenance agreements and programs to audit people, processes and tools. Optimization, management resources and productivity solutions.

What it does for you: Ensure uninterrupted services that compliment your capabilities for greater customer satisfaction. SSM enables you to build your business faster by enabling you to focus on core business activities more.

What it does: On-premise business applications and enterprise resource planning. Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation. Outsourced project management.

What it does for you: Build profitability by improving business proficiencies and increase your performance with our recommendations on "best fit" solutions. BSU speeds your time to market with expert business solution design and implementations.

What it does: Best practices consultation and expert implementations ensure IT compliance and streamline your people, processes and technologies. Programs to improve and ensure IT quality and availability across your business.

What it does for you: Become more efficient and gain greater control of your IT environment through standardization. Improve your business productivity through better service delivery. ITSM builds customer satisfaction and reduce risks by enabling you to become 100% compliant.


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